Thursday, August 18, 2016

Really cool shipwreck find in Lake Ontario

A band of veteran shipwreck hunters that searches the Great Lakes found one of the most significant finds of their shipwreck-finding careers:  the wreck of the sloop Washington, which was built in 1797 and went down in a storm in 1803.  According to the articles that I've provided as links below, this makes it the second-oldest ship on the bottom of the Great Lakes.  (I doubt there are any ships older than this still afloat on the Great Lakes, either).

What got me was the amazing preservation of the ship.  I guess wood doesn't deteriorate a lot in the cold low-oxygen darkness of the freshwater Great Lakes (and as support, they do underwater salvage logging in Lake Superior).

Here's a shot from the underwater ROV that surveyed the ship after they found it with side-scan sonar.


Rare 18th Century Sloop Washington Discovered in Lake Ontario.

Watch the moment explorers find 'very special' 200 year old Canadian sloop shipwrecked in the Great Lakes (Daily Mail, with ROV video)

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