Monday, September 26, 2016

Another sonnet in September

This sonnet flowed together nicely, and ended up being one with interesting aspects, some of which I didn't anticipate at the beginning.  It's only mildly erotic, too.

layers beneath layers

Unexpected wisdom can accrue
from most unlikely sources -- we don't ask
for it, but still it is received, both true
and false and in between, beneath the mask
that ev'ry person wears, because our lies
compose what we believe. It takes the stark
exposure of our body's need, the cries
of bright delight within a gloaming dark
to open full the unknown streams that we
do not suspect exist below the deep
crevasses, flowing to the broken scree
that marks the end of ice. Then as we sleep,
we learn again e'en as we dream, and hold
those sparks like varves preserved in glacial cold.

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