Friday, September 9, 2016

Yes, it went there

Time for a September sonnet.  There's a fine line in erotic poetry between being too poetic and too explicit.  I think this sonnet walks the line.

the extraordinary commonplace

It might seem far too common even to
deserve a notice or remark -- yet still,
to be there was unusual, and through
her auspices I felt the wondrous thrill
that comes with special accolade. Indeed,
this deed is honorary, as it serves
no procreative purpose, for the seed
goes unfulfilled -- and yet it gave my nerves
refreshment and excitement; thus it means
far more than just release, and makes a bond
beyond mere words, e'en though within these scenes
her tongue was certainly involved. A fond
remembrance only, now, but then my soul
was held within her mouth, upright and whole.

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