Thursday, September 15, 2016

Another Trump lie

Donald Trump lies and gets away with it.  Why isn't there more media brouhaha about this?  I think it's because it is EXPECTED of him.  He just lies, and the press knows it.  So they just let him make his lies, and since he isn't called to task, he just keeps doing it.

Donald Trump's child care plan

Last year, [an] Iowa voter asked Donald Trump how he'd help make childcare more affordable for struggling families. Trump said it was cheap for businesses to provide facilities themselves, citing in great detail programs he provides for his own employees, adorably named "Trump Kids" and "Trumpeteers."

Last month, the Associated Press investigated Trump's claims, and it turns out he was lying. The programs he described are for guests at his clubs and hotels – not his employees. The AP couldn't find a single example of onsite childcare for employees at any of Trump's properties. "If they have child care, they should at least tell us," a housekeeper at a Trump hotel said.
Another note about that 'ground-breaking' child care plan:
"But Trump's tax deduction would replace the current tax credit, which means low-income families who don't pay much (or nothing) in income taxes would lose out. (Trump would boost the earned-income tax credit for some to make up for this, but the current child care credit would go from a maximum $2,100 to an EITC of up to $1,200 -- a 43 percent drop.)"
Gee, what a surprise.

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