Friday, September 30, 2016

Republicans should just give Trump up

Fareed Zakaria, writing in the Washington Post, discusses and expands upon the kind of tribal thinking that is driving the Trump voters, similar to what I discussed a few posts ago, in "Tribe Following the Shaman".

Can Republicans be rational?

Here are two great quotes from Zakaria's piece:

"These dynamics have reminded me of Jonathan Haidt’s seminal book, “The Righteous Mind.” Haidt, a social psychologist, used exhaustive evidence to explain that our political preferences are not the product of careful analytic reasoning. Instead, they spring from a combination of moral intuition (instinct) and a tribal affiliation with people who we believe share these instincts. We use reason, facts and analysis to affirm our gut decisions."
"The signs to look for in the next few weeks are whether Trump is losing any support among Republicans. That would indicate that politics is about more than tribal loyalty to a team. It would be heartening on many levels. After all, democracy depends on the ability to look at evidence and argument, to use reason and judgment, and to take seriously our roles as citizens of a great republic."
OK, everyone -- especially you, Republicans -- time to get serious.

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