Thursday, September 22, 2016

Breasts as fashion accessories

Throughout history, women's breasts have been utilized as fashion accessories.  Displays of cleavage have always had a fashionable appeal, particularly if they are adorned with jewelry.  Fashion designers highlight the breast in many different ways -- now not just cleavage, but side boob and underboob are also used to fashionable advantage.

And occasionally, most delightfully, they just use the entire bosom.

This was on display -- nicely so -- by the currently supremely in-demand Gigi Hadid (who I must note had a great elbow to the face of her hugging prankster, and the guy deserved a broken nose for his effrontery).

But back to Gigi and fashionable breasts - read about it (and get plenty of visual examples) here:

Gigi Hadid flashes her bare breasts in a sheer floral dress as she and sister Bella walk the runway for Fendi during Milan Fashion Week... hours after furiously lashing out at tactile prankster

Example (and let me just note that the glittery lips detracted substantially from the overall effect by making them look artificial):

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