Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We need a space tug for this one

According to a recent distressing report, the Chinese have lost control of their space station. Which means that it's drifting downward, and will eventually re-enter Earth's atmosphere.  Most of it will likely burn up during the heat of re-entry, but some of it won't.  Some parts of it are bound to make it to the surface.

And the problem is, because the Chinese can't control the thing anymore, they don't know where it's going to come down.  It could come down into the ocean (the likeliest scenario), but it also could come down in remote deserts, or downtown Albuquerque, or on top of Ayers Rock.  (Well, I guess remote deserts and the top of Ayers Rock are basically the same category.)

They (and we, the collective global population) just don't know.

So it would be nice if we had a space tugboat that could latch onto it and tow it downward in a controlled re-entry, preferably into deep ocean water.

Stay tuned.  This could turn into an international incident.  At the least, it'll be a bright spectacle in the sky.

China Confirms Its Space Station Is Falling Back to Earth

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