Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Just plain not good

I've stuck by Crystal Palace for each season that they've been in the Premier League.  I was happy the first season when they didn't get re-relegated, the second season when they made it up to 10th in the table, and last year when they staggered to the end of the season and avoided relegation by a couple of points.

This year, just scoring a couple of points has been real difficult.  So difficult, in fact, that they are the worst-scoring team in the top four divisions of English soccer.

That is just plain not good.

Here's hoping they can turn it around.  But they need to figure out something soon. As they stand now they are 1 point above the relegation line.  They play the lowest team in the table, Swansea City, this Saturday.  If they don't win that one, hoo boy, we got trouble.

Crystal Palace are the worst team in England's top four divisions this year... Alan Pardew's struggling side have a measly 0.71 points-per-match ratio

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