Sunday, November 20, 2016

Lighthouse of the Week, November 20-26, 2016: Lange Jaap, The Netherlands

As I promised, this week I'm returning to the "traditional" lighthouse design, rather than the avant garde and unusual (and even erotic) lighthouses found in South Korea.

This one is called Lange Jaap, which translates to "Long James".  I think I prefer the former, because the latter sounds kinda like a male porn star.  Lange Jaap has several superlatives associated with it, according to Wikipedia.

Here's what it says:

-- For almost a century, from 1878 to 1974, it was the tallest lighthouse in the Netherlands
-- tallest non-skeletal cast iron lighthouse in the world (probably)
-- it is a Rijksmonument, meaning it is a national heritage site for the Netherlands.

Listed as 63.5 meters (208 feet) high, thought it might only be 55.5 meters (182 feet) high.  Somebody needs to measure this one to make sure, definitively.

It has a first-order Fresnel lens and 284 steps to the top,

The pictures:

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