Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Two, no, three more Lighthouses of the Week (Nov. 13-19) from South Korea

After last week's symbolic lighthouse (highly symbolic), I thought I'd move on from South Korea, but I decided to do two more. On one page, it's called "Wando and Jindo, Wando Hang".

A different page, identifies it as the Wando Hang lighthouse.

From the Lighthouse Directory: "Active; focal plane 19 m (62 ft); two red flashes every 6 s. 15 m (49 ft) round cylindrical concrete tower wrapped in square panels creating a heliacal effect. Entire lighthouse is red. ... In the evenings, the lighthouse is illuminated and plays music while the panels rotate around the tower. These unusual enhancements were apparently added in 2009". Before that, it was a simple red tower.

The second lighthouse I chose this week is the equine Iho Hang East Breakwater lighthouse. It's pretty obvious what this one is supposed to be.

From the Lighthouse Directory: "2009(?). Active; focal plane 20 m (66 ft); three green flashes every 7 s. 12 m (39 ft) concrete tower, built in the shape of a horse with the lantern perched on its head."

The Iho Hang West Breakwater lighthouse is a red horse. You can see both of them in this picture.

I think I'll go back to the more traditional lighthouse next week. Thank you, South Korea.

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