Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What will happen to nuclear power under Trump?

Worrisome as it may be that Donald Trump will be able to launch nuclear weapon strikes when he's President, as a nuclear power advocate, I've been wondering what he'll mean for the nuclear power industry.   Focusing solely on that issue, I think he'll keep it going.  Trump may think that he can reinvigorate the coal industry, but a lot of energy analysts think there are too many downsides to that, cost being just one of them.  Natural gas, despite shaking up Oklahoma, is less expensive and less carbon-intensive -- and we're exporting it, too.  And that's also what's holding back more nuclear power.

But nuclear power is clean and reliable, and until we have a great leap forward in battery technology (which is really all the USA and the world need), nuclear will still be important.   I recommend the article below, which lays out a pretty good scenario.

Hopes for Nuclear Power, However Unlikely, Blossom With Trump’s Rise

"The environmental impacts of all this could be drastic, and clean energy advocates in particular fear that wind and solar power generation may suffer under an administration backed by — and even made up of — fossil fuel lobbyists. Meanwhile, a variety of experts over the years, including former and current Energy secretaries Stephen Chu and Ernest Moniz, have echoed Hoffman’s enthusiasm for nuclear power — or at least its potential role in reducing runaway carbon dioxide emissions."

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