Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Why orgasms feel... well, orgasmic

In case you wondered:

Why DO orgasms feel so good? Neuroscientist explains how sexual stimulation re-routes brain activity to reach an 'altered state of consciousness' akin to a seizure

To examine this unique trance, Dr Safron reviewed related studies and literature over many years to come up with a model in which rhythmic sexual activity likely influences brain rhythms. His model showed stimulating particular nerves in a particular way at a particular speed over and over again focuses our neurons.

They begin to synchronize their activity. This focusing process is called neural entrainment. Eventually, if stimulation continues long enough, this synchronization can spread throughout the brain making us more focused than ever.

This may be crucial for allowing for a sufficient intensity of experience to trigger the mechanisms of climax.
So, in the words of Miami Sound Machine, the rhythm is gonna get'cha... off.

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