Friday, August 4, 2017

Finding and defending against rogue asteroids

Although climate change is a real and increasingly important concern for the continuance of human civilization, we've still got time to address it.  Not much, but we do, and I have an idea about that I have to write up.  But that's for another time.

This is about asteroids.  If a big asteroid hit earth, big enough to cause major upheaval, climate change would fade as a concern, at least for awhile.  And obviously there's a potential for a big asteroid to hit a big population center.  That would be bad.

So NASA has been looking for asteroids, and finding a lot.  NASA has also been coming up with ways to divert a potentially dangerous object.  Both finding and diverting are described in the video below.

As the video states, they're still working on finding smaller asteroids. And clearly they haven't found them all yet.

Close shave from an undetected asteroid

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