Monday, August 7, 2017

"Who to believe?" dichotomy

According to this Washington Post article by the inestimable Greg Sargent ("GOP voters know Trump is telling them the truth, and the media is lying to them"), there's a major split between Democrats and Republicans (which isn't really a new thing) in terms of who they believe is to be believed. See below.

The question is: Who do you trust more to tell you the truth about important issues:  President Trump or the news media?

If that's hard to read, click on it or read my following summary. The total survey group picks the news media over Trump, 52% to 37%.  Democrats side with the news media over Trump 86% to 7%, while Republicans pick Trump over the newsies 78% over 13%.

Impressive, eh? Much as I was impressed by that, I was more impressed by this quote from the article:
"In other words, the entire point is the assertion and demonstration of the power to say what reality is in contradiction of what is empirically, demonstrably true."
That has a lot of similarity to my discussions with climate change deniers, now mostly occurring on Twitter. Because I can empirically demonstrate the truth --- but they get mad at me because they need what they believe to be something other than what's actually true.

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