Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Look for the arch

Courtesy of Sara Underwood and Steve Bitanga (who I mentioned a couple of posts ago), I just found out about the existence of Morning Glory Arch, or Bridge -- I've seen both names.  Bridges go over water and arches don't, and I'm not sure in this case which it is.

Anyway, it's outside Moab, Utah, and it isn't in either a national park, monument, or forest, which I found surprising.  And given the way it is oriented to the surroundings, it isn't really easy to see.  I recommend searching for more images of Morning Glory Arch to see what I mean.

Here's how to get there:  Morning Glory Bridge Trail (and here they call it a bridge)

But officially, even though the Natural and Arches Bridge Society page for it is Morning Glory Natural Bridge, they clarify and now make me sure of what it is.  (An arch.)

"This is not a natural bridge, but it is a very large alcove arch."  (The link goes to a definition of an alcove arch and describes how they form.)

Enough of that.  Here's a picture.

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