Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Five I was glad to see

I have frequently commented on lovely actresses or celebrities that I'd like to see pose nude (artistically, OF COURSE) -- but I realized that I hadn't commented on several that had graciously deigned to reward us with views of their exposed loveliness.  So here are five that I would like to gratefully acknowledge for their candid exposure (with brief  comments):

1. Katarina Witt - everybody always said that she had the body of a Playmate, so she demonstrated that she did, with athletic power added.

2. Elle Macpherson - one of the best ever supermodels gives good look. She was also nice
to see in "Sirens".

3. Brooke Burke (-Charvet) - probably one of the most desired-to-go-nude by a lot of guys,
not just me.  Brooke actually did three (I think) nude feature appearances. 

The thing is, and I wish I knew the whole story about this, before she was even recognizable for something other than Frederick's of Hollywood ads, she also posed for a set of erotic encounter black-and-whites with a male model that can still be  found with little difficulty.  At that point in her career, whenever it was, her
body was utterly, spectacularly, incredibly superb.  Seeing it in posed artistic 'action' - well, that was very, very nice.  The question is: how did she get convinced to do it? 

4. Kelly Brook - though there were a few candid and posed nude shots before, Playboy showed why the girl-next-door looks of Kelly go below the lingerie, gowns, and swimwear she's frequently photographed in.  She's just fab.

5. Gene Lee Nolin - 'Baywatch' got famous partly by casting Playmates, first Erika Eleniak, then Pamela Anderson.  In their final season, they also had a couple more that I don't remember.  But Gena Lee didn't start her career by posing, but she finally did, and it was quite revelatious.  She was also in a sex tape (gee,
I think Pam Anderson was in a couple too), but Gena Lee's sex tape was kind of awkward. Yeah, I watched it for educational purposes only.  And she also had one of the best sideboob shots ever taken.

Speaking of "whatever happened to Gena Lee Nolin", she's married to a good-looking ex-hockey player with four kids, still looks great, and has chronicled her struggle with thyroid disease in a book, and she's also on Twitter (https://twitter.com/GenaLeeNolin)

I also want to mention Miranda Kerr, who is gorgeous in practically every aspect, and not shy about showing why.  But she's done it often enough that I kind of expect it, even though I appreciate it every time she does.

Playboy also playmated a couple of actual beauty queens.  Shanna Moakler caught my eye and appetite in the short-lived "Pacific Blue" - but she was a naked revelation as a Playmate, with one of the most beautiful full-body complexions I've ever seen.  And good-queen gone slightly bad Lindsey Gayle Evans was another demonstration that beauty queens really are beauteous.  [Note:  I fixed this because I first had Shanna in "Baywatch Nights", which WAS awful.  "Pacific Blue" was kinda fun.  And I also was reminded, Internet-assisted, that Shanna was the Playmate in the December 2001 issue in which Gena Lee Nolin appeared nude. That was a GOOD month for the mag.]

Regarding nude scenes in movies and TV, here are a couple others that I'm happy to have witnessed going starkers or nearly starkers for the sake of cinematic or televised art:

- Emmy Rossum

- Kate Winslet (Kate is notably for being fearless about showing off her quite fine anatomy in the flicks, but in Titanic she was lusciously young and spectacular -  and it also was an important factor in the plot!)

- Gwyneth Paltrow

- Halle Berry

- Nicole Kidman

- Natasha Henstridge

- Emmanuelle Beart

- Sophie Marceau (not unaccustomed to nudity in French films first, and thus not shy about nudity on film in general, but she was  entrancing in "Firelight").  If you want a selection of her appearances unclad, just image search thusly:  [ "Sophie Marceau" best ].

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