Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Levels of perfection

So it turns out that Julianne Hough might have gotten a little 'comfortable' in her relationship with Ryan Seacrest.  OK, I'm sorry, but when she was pro-dancer-fit on DWTS (and that means FIT), she was spectacular.   In the relationship, and not keeping the dancer fitness, she apparently by her own admission put on a few pounds (like 20, which demonstrates the level of sharpness that dancers have to maintain).   She was still a beauty with the extra weight, but there is a clear difference between awesome dancer fitness and just plain being a gorgeous woman.

So that's what I'm meaning here.  Julianne with the extra 20 pounds - perfect.  Julianne back in dancer-fit shape - a higher level of perfection.

Like this:


 So it is with delight I can report that for whatever reason, Julianne has resharpened her totally awesome physique - as demo'ed by the beach pictures shown in the linked article, as well as above.  And oh happy day, not only is she in some wondrously small bikinis to demonstrate the sharpness, she's also accompanied by Nina Dobrev.   There are not as many pictures of Nina, but what there are still makes one happy to be heterosexual.

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