Saturday, April 13, 2013

Yes, frivolous, but it's Michelle Keegan

I posted a couple of postings ago about Michelle Keegan in a white bikini, which is very nice by itself.  Soon after, there was this incident where someone very briefly posted a shot of two nice titties that happened to be bare naked on Michelle's Instagram, immediately took them down, but a few people grabbed them.  MK has denied that they belong to her.

The whole reason to post about this is that the article at The Smoking Jacket has about every recent bikini picture of Michelle they could find.  Which, if you enjoy pictures of a gorgeous slender brunette with an incredible rack (I admit that I do), is rather enjoyable.  So enjoy if that's something you'd enjoy doing, too.

The boobs weren't Michelle Keegan's.  Who's Michelle Keegan?

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