Tuesday, April 2, 2013

If I don't get there, this is pretty close

The AirPano Web site is totally amazing.  These guys are taking 360-degree panoramas of natural spectacles and well-known cityscapes, and posting them.   This is like the Mars panorama that I posted a few days ago -- it's almost like being right there.

A place that I'd like to go, but probably won't ever, is Angel Falls, the world's tallest single drop waterfall.  So I watched the AirPano panorama of the place, and was suitably astonished.  In my previous post today I lamented the endangerment of a couple of species, because of the decline of natural environments globally.  Angel Falls is still not a major eco-tourist destination because of the difficulty of getting there, and that in mind is a good thing.  I'll just have to enjoy the photography (and enjoy tall waterfalls like Multnomah, which is easy to get to -- and which I've seen).

Here's a link to the 360-degree panorama (actually the page, where the panoramas are).

And here's a link to a wide-view panorama (still shot) of the Angel Falls setting.

These are just great.

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