Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to get sequestration noticed

Apparently sequestration hasn't taken much of a bite yet, but from what I understand, it still will -- with some effects not noticeable for years.  For instance, DoD is canceling or slowing down readiness and maintenance projects, so that the net result will be that the fighting force will be lessened in numbers and effectiveness -- in subsequent months and years. 

Furthermore, furloughs have basically not started yet.   When they do, there will be government service delays and government project slowdowns and stoppages.   These will get noticed, especially at places like airports during heavy summer travel season.

However, a well-done April Fool's jest about reducing the frequency of Old Faithful eruptions made it occur to me that might be the way to make more people realize that sequestration is real and is happening.  (Apparently a few people took it seriously;  take a look at the note at the bottom).

People notice the national parks and monuments, natural treasures that constitute our shared environmental and conservation legacy.  And of the course the Park Service also takes care of our heritage in memorials and history, as well as the center of our government.

So, here's a couple of ideas to make more people sit up and take notice.  Be careful;  something like this might end up happening in real life.

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