Saturday, April 20, 2013

Environmental statement number two

OK, this isn't exactly an environmental statement, and I don't always agree with some of PETA's extremism (though their hearts are in the right place).  However, I tend to agree with the sentiment of not wearing fur -- that seems needless in this modern era.   Likewise with animal testing of cosmetics, which is the subject of this particular campaign.

(Regarding nude photography, I would rather that more women had kept their fur on, but that's still a subject for another extended treatment.)

But, regarding PETA:  they are somewhat famed for their ad campaigns featuring nice nude (but strategically unexposed) ladies admonishing us not to wear fur.   And at turns out that one time in the past, in a Friday round-up post back in 2009, I noted that Karina Smirnoff had done one of these nice PETA ads.  And I also hoped in that article that they'd get fellow 'Dancing with the Stars' pro Kym Johnson to do the same thing.   In another post, "The current list of women I'd like to see" [... totally naked], I had Kym Johnson on that list, too.

Well, suddenly, Kym Johnson has done the PETA ad I desired, coming out (ha) against animal testing of cosmetics.  (Actually, two of them.) And they expose pretty much what I expected:  her athletic dancer's physique is quite admirable.  Exhibit A exhibits a truly spectacular torso.  Exhibit B gives us an enhanced sense of the dance-sculpted glutes and thighs.

Nice.  Very nice.  Really, really nice.

At the PETA site for Kym's appearance (click that link if you want to assist with the petition), there's even a video of the photoshoot.  (Here linked via YouTube.)

Now, if only she'd follow birthday-suit after Karina and give us a full Monty, I'd be even more pleased.  But it was polite of her to oblige the PETA folks -- and her ardent admirers.

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