Thursday, April 25, 2013

She will enter the world consciousness pretty soon

I've been watching Michelle Keegan for a few years now.  With good reason; there's quite a bit to like when I watch.  But Michelle has been on a Brit soap for her "formative" years.  As noted here earlier (see "Michelle K. moving on" in the post list to the right), that's going to end in 2014, leaving her free to pursue other things.  Like world domination.  Because the more the world finds out about Michelle, the more people (by that I mainly mean males), will want to watch.

So winning a Brit-based poll ranking the world's hottest women is one of the first steps toward Michelle-around-the-world.   Such polls don't take into account, much, the hotness of other women from clearly different ethnicities, unless they are massively beautiful on all accounts like Zhang Ziyi (even though I would argue that one reason for Ziyi's worldwide appeal is that her features are not "strongly" Asian).  Still, such polls do put one, ahem, at the forefront of the news, especially when the runner-up is the well-fronted Kate Upton.

An article about this, featuring a nice glamour (wearing a dress on the red carpet with ample cleavage is what I mean by that, not what is commonly meant by that term):

Michelle Keegan beats Kate Upton, Mila Kunis and Kelly Brook to be crowned world’s sexiest woman

Here's the Top 10.  Four of them (the names you don't recognize) are breast-baring babes of British breeding (BBBofBB).

 1. Michelle Keegan
2. Kate Upton
3. Leah Francis
4. Alice Goodwin
5. Kelly Brook
6. Mila Kunis
7. Rihanna
8. Jess Kingham
9. Melissa Debling
10. Jennifer Lawrence

I tried to find the full list of Zoo's 101, but couldn't.  Maybe in a few days it'll be published by somebody.  Looking at their cover, other recognizables on the list are Eva Mendes and Katy Perry.  And there are more BBBofBB, too, as might be expected from a magazine that publishes pictures of a lot of BBBofBB.

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