Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kelly Monaco sounds like a dream (looks like one too)

 And she's cute, too!

Kelly Monaco, of "Dancing with the Stars" and "General Hospital" fame, first got noticed as a Playboy Playmate.  I happened to know that for some reason.    Well, obviously she's moved on since then to her more current activities (despite occasionally drawing attention to her still-strong figure by nearly losing her top during a dance on the inaugural DWTS season, and making her partner wear some bags on his chest so that he had an idea what she has to contend with by being blessed in the breast department).

So, anyway, Kel's still an interesting subject, and when she discusses her love and sex life, she comes across as the type of girl any guy would really enjoy having.  Repeatedly.

I've excerpted her comments from the HuffingtonPost story about celebrity gals dishing on their sex lives.  The Grand Canyon reference is due to the fact that Jenny McCarthy said she did it in the Grand Canyon and it wasn't very good.

Q:  What's your most embarrassing sex story? 

A: Kelly Monaco: See, Jenny’s got many embarrassing stories she’s willing to share with anybody! But me … shoot. I don’t know if anything’s really been that embarrassing. I haven’t had many partners. I’m still an under five [partners] girl, so I can recall just about everything that’s happened and I’m not really embarrassed about any of it. I guess maybe thinking back on my ‘90s bush*, you know, that’s kind of embarrassing! And I was in Playboy, so I have like that big bush everywhere and I thought that was hot then, but times change. I was current then!

*Actually, that's not quite true.  Kelly was already from the era of trimming, though not shaved.  You have to go back a couple of years more to see the true total untrimmed bushiness.  I was going to write a long article about that, but still haven't had the time to put it together.   But concerning Kelly, here is a NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW (got that already) picture of Kelly's total Playboy magnificence -- and she was really magnificent, really truly a spectacular figure -- that shows she wasn't wearing a totally natural feminine jungle.  But enough about that, I'm sure you aren't interested. 

Q: Where's the strangest place you've had sex?

A:   Kelly Monaco: Strangest place? I like to have sex anywhere, so I don’t know, is it strange? I would definitely f**k at the Grand Canyon if I had the opportunity. Next time I’ll make sure of it … I’ve never been, maybe that could be fun.

Q:  When do you feel sexiest?

A:    Kelly Monaco: When I’m naked in bed. Just naked.

All of which adds up to a woman that just seems to have her priorities in the erotic section of her life exactly in the right place.

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