Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pretty girl, Actress: Emily Bett Rickards

On the glad-it's-doing-well CW superhero show Arrow, Emily Bett Rickards plays a technogeek who has been added to the Arrow secret identity  "in the know" team, named Felicity Smoak.  As per the character, Felicity wears BIG glasses, but does dress smartly in office dresses and heels.  The thing is, she's PRETTY, and so far they have occasionally found a way to showcase that in a more glamorous mode. 

The real glamorous star of the show is Katie Cassidy, deservedly, but Emily also gives us guys plenty of reasons to keep watching when the show isn't doing superhero action stuff.

She's got a crush on the main character, and this occasionally comes out in her adoringly bumbling dialog. Whether or not she'll have an unexpected fling with him, or her own love interest, allowing the potential lingerie moment, we'll just have to wait and see.

Have to note that Oliver had a fling with Summer Glau's character, who's his business partner. Unfortunately we only got a glimpse of her in lingerie (a bit of that at the 0:18 mark here, ) but in those scenes she showed a different side of her actress self, because previously she's played a terminator (The Sarah Connor Chronicles), a Reiver-slayer (Serenity), and a geek (both on Dollhouse and the lamentably short-lived The Cape).  She actually acted nicely and smiled.   And then jumped Oliver's bones.  All good things.

Returning to Emily, below are some selected pretty-girl shots.

Wears those pants well

Now THAT's hot

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