Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pretty Girl, Swimmer: Jeanette Ottesen Gray

A couple of weeks ago I noted that Russian breaststroke specialist Yulia Efimova was a nice-looking
female swimmer (see here, if you're interested).

But what I missed until this point, despite a couple of world championships and several Grand Prix wins, was the real current hottie in the swimming world -- Jeanette Ottesen Gray.  (She used to be just Jeanette Ottesen, but she recently got married, and her husband (Bobby Gray) is lucky, lucky, LUCKY!)

[ Maybe not so lucky.  JUST read that they're getting separated. That's too bad.  Well, he WAS lucky, while it lasted.  At least for awhile, hopefully.]

Starting with: she's Danish.  Which immediately means she is blonde, blue-eyed, and totally Nordic. She has a tremendous smile, gorgeous hair, and (as one would expect) an athletic body. She's an all-out sprinter in freestyle and butterfly and she's got plenty of power.

Here's what she looks like as a swimmer:


She's got a number of glamor pictures out there, partly because she apparently was a contestant in the Danish version of "Dancing with the Stars".  Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any description of that which is written in English.  (Oh, I know I could try Google Translate, but I can only devote so much time to this.)

She's a true looker. A few pictures below, to show what I mean.



Nice, eh?  Sorry to her about her marriage, but that doesn't make her any less gorgeous.

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