Monday, November 25, 2013

The Misses trying-to-be Universe are stupendously pretty

When I was looking around for pictures of Miss England Amy Willerton (previous post), I found this site with the glamor shots of many of the Miss Universe contenders.  The winner was another Miss Venezuela.  She was a typically Venezuelan package of gorgeousness, but in reviewing the results I felt that several contenders offered a bit more personality and uniqueness.

Anyway, the Web site that offered the shots apparently was mildly complaining that Miss Vietnam was presented a bit frosty in her picture, while many of the other girls were much warmer.   Not all of them were - the picture of the outstanding Miss Switzerland wasn't particularly friendly. 

I invite you to peruse the page, but I must note that my love was given to Ukraine,  Olga Storozhenko (below).   There's a gallery of Olga at her linked name that demonstrates she's got the necessary physical qualifications quite markedly.

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