Saturday, November 2, 2013

So cheating is out of the question, eh Max?

Max George, rock star who is dating glorious Nina Agdal, says she's "the most beautiful girl he's ever seen".

Coming from one who presumably saw incredibly scrumptious Michelle Keegan in the buff, that's a pretty strong statement.  But let's remember, despite Michelle's scrumptiousness, Max's rockstarness could not be suppressed and he managed to double dip, which led to their breakup.

If Nina's better than Michelle, then there's no chance of that happening THIS time.

Right, Max?

Oh, and by the way, there are bikini pictures of Nina in the linked article.  She's glorious as always, though they did go a bit heavy on the eye shadow.

I tried to resist the urge to post pictures to accompany this post, since it's not really mainly about Nina Agdal.  But resistance was futile.  Hopefully Max will resist the urge to stray.  Normal men could not be capable of such.

Basic white

Gold and white is just right

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