Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tell me something I didn't know

From The Hill:

Rigell: Many Republicans don't live in political reality

The honorable representative from Virginia (which I think is on the verge of throwing the Tea Party on to its collective ass on Tuesday) has a couple of points of order.

This one is good:
He is one of the few Republicans willing to raise taxes, but claims the mantle of a fiscal conservative, noting that he voted in favor of the Republican Study Committee’s budget blueprint.  
“Revenues have to come up a bit because it’s a conservative principle that one generation pays for the goods or services that it benefits from,” Rigell said as he marked up a white board to explain his extensive calculation leading to the politically unpopular conclusion.  
But politics factors into that equation, Rigell noted, as he tied the idea together with the word “r-e-a-l-i-t-y.”
But this one is BETTER:
 “I don’t see the members who come from districts who are clearly — you could say gerrymandered — they are not the problem. But the process by which maybe that district was drawn is the problem,” Rigell said, acknowledging that solving this dilemma is a “long-term challenge.”
Take away the safeness of safe districts, and ideologues in Congress would vanish very quickly.

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