Thursday, February 12, 2015

Getting crazier, if that's possible

Greg Sargent in the WashPost explains about what might happen if the Republicans try to hang tough on shutting down the Department of Homeland Security just to try to score political points on the immigration debacle.

The Republican mess on immigration is only going to get crazier

One thing that the Republicans are speculating about is who will get blamed if the DHS in fact gets shut down.

Gee, I think many of them might have figured that out.

From the column:

The Hill quotes a number of GOP Senators wringing their hands about how awful a DHS shutdown would be for the country, including this one:

"One senior GOP senator leaned in and whispered to The Hill: “Of course Republicans will get blamed” for a shutdown."
You know, it’s almost as if Republicans have tried this before and might even learn from their previous experiences.

Well, of course they'll get blamed.  They should get blamed.  They're the ones forcing the issue.

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