Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lighthouse of the Week, February 22-28, 2015: Madonetta, Bonifacio, Corsica

This week's (late) Lighthouse of the Week is from the French island of Corsica, in the Mediterranean Sea.

I figured Corsica, like Sicily, would have a lot of lighthouses. I was correct.  And real quick, I found one that was a standout.  It is the "Madonetta" light that marks the entrance to the port of Bonifacio.

This site has some good pictures and information:  Bonifacio Harbor and its History

More on the lighthouse, from the UNC site:

"1854. Active; focal plane 28 m (92 ft); red light, 2 s on, 2 s off. 12 m (39 ft) square cylindrical masonry tower with lantern and gallery, rising from the center of a 1-story masonry keeper's house. Tower and lantern painted red; keeper's house painted white. This lighthouse has a remarkable site atop a triangular block of sandstone attached to the mainland by a narrow peninsula. Located on the west side of the narrow entrance to the harbor of Bonifacio."

More information from Cyberlights.


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