Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hogan wants to cut the gas tax - while the roads get worse

Here we are in Maryland, with a cold snap going on, which means more cracks and potholes in the roads.  And the roads aren't in great shape to begin with.  Or the bridges.

State to inspect aging bridges after overpass concrete falls on car

"The findings showed that 333, or 6.3 percent, of the bridges were structurally deficient. These bridges must be inspected every year because critical load-bearing structures were in poor condition from damage or deterioration, the group said.Structurally deficient bridges were more likely to be in urban areas. 
Another 1,085 bridges, or 20.5 percent, were functionally obsolete and no longer meet current standards for bridge construction. Those bridges, for example, could have narrow lanes or load-bearing standards below those for bridges built today."

So what is our new Republican Governor Larry "Bulk" Hogan going to do about it?  Why, his response is the Republican answer to EVERYTHING!

To whit, cut taxes and make somebody else pay for it.

So you're thinking, you've got to be kidding me.


Report: Hogan’s gas-tax relief would threaten billions in transit projects

"Democratic leaders are fiercely resisting the governor’s bill, saying it and other funding changes that Hogan is proposing would be a fatal blow for the light-rail Purple Line in the Washington region and kill most major road improvements across the state that are not underway.

“I don’t know who he’s expecting to vote for this,” said House Speaker Michael E. Busch (D-Anne Arundel). “If this bill passes, it would leave you barely enough money for filling potholes.”

(Especially if there are more of them!)

And remember that part I said about making somebody else pay for it?
"Hogan has proposed passing on a greater share of state transportation dollars to counties and municipalities for local projects. He is also proposing to pay for some previously planned environmental projects with transportation funds. Those changes could reduce the amount of funding available for state transportation projects by an additional $1.5 billion during the six-year period, according to the document, leaving little money for projects in the state transportation fund."

Yes, that's the way it would be.

Let's sum up.

"Ralph Bennett, president of Purple Line Now, a coalition of business, labor, environmental and civic groups that is pushing for the completion of the light-rail line, described Hogan’s proposal as “ridiculous.” "
Yes, it is. But that's what happens when a Republican governor gets elected.  Kansas, here, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, Louisiana.  The ridiculous becomes the norm.

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