Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jindal's jinxed

I never have been impressed with Lousiana governor Bobby Jindal, who has Presidential aspirations. I don't consider him a potential Most Dangerous Man in America, because I think he's unelectable at the national level.  And after reading this, I'm more convinced.   (The auditions for presidential candidate are starting out pretty poorly;  Scott Walker showed how shallow he is recently, too.)

Bobby Jindal's unpleasant record

"Louisiana’s travails are particularly problematic because they have been caused in large part by Jindal’s tax cuts, which, along with declining oil revenue, blew such a hole in the state budget that even huge spending cuts haven’t made up the gap. In the last few days, articles in the New York Times and Politico have detailed Louisiana’s fiscal travails, including a possible 40 percent operating-budget cut at Louisiana State University and an increase in tuition at public universities of 90 percent during Jindal’s time in office. Jindal has already raided state reserve funds and resorted to the sort of budget-keeping gimmicks that he once criticized."
Yeah, that ain't good.

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