Wednesday, January 4, 2017

An examination of sea ice trends

Statistical whiz Tamino does not suffer fools, gladly or not. He especially doesn't take kindly to those who look upon the data and see trends where there aren't any, or deny trends when they do exist. So his take on the state of sea ice (preview: unhappy), is worth reading.

And it has a great figure of global sea ice anomalies.

Prior to the figure, Tamino says:

"Christopher Booker’s only reference to actual scientific data was part of an anecdote about a trip to the Antarctic, in which the ship ended up frozen in the ice (emphasis mine):
"What made all this particularly absurd was that, despite being led by an Australian scientist, they were so taken in by the make-believe that they seemed quite oblivious to the satellite records showing that Antarctic sea-ice had long been expanding to such record levels that these more than matched any decline in the Arctic ice at the other end of the world.
The problem with his only reference to actual scientific data, is that it’s absurdly wrong."

Cue figure (and pay close attention to what happens at the end to the blue Antarctic circles):

Read the rest. It's real -- and sobering. We may really be living in PoNR (Point of No Return) year.

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