Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Stunning trade by Washington Mystics

While the Washington Wizards have turned around their early-season misfortunes and are starting to look like a decent basketball team, the Washington Mystics made a blockbuster trade to get Elena Delle Donne from Chicago. They gave up some good players to get her, but this is a bona-fide superstar that plays like one. If they can establish the supporting cast, the then they might have a chance to get good this year. The Mystics have been one of the league's underachievers, making the playoffs with some regularity, but never (I don't think) advancing past the first round. Have to check on that. (I did - they advanced once.) They've never played for the WNBA championship, and are in fact the only team in the WNBA that hasn't -- which is of course a familiar tune to Washington DC sports fans, but hey, it'd be nice if they made a deep playoff run with Delle Donne.

Of course, we say that about most of the teams around here. Even about the other Washington teams with bona-fide superstars: Harper and Scherzer on the Nationals, Wall on the Wizards, Ovechkin and Backstrom on the Capitals. You'd think... well, we'll see.

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