Friday, January 6, 2017

Starlet now, child actress all grown up

Danielle Panabaker, now on The Flash, started out as a Disney child actress.  She's grown up into a fine-looking woman.  On the show, she hides her overt femaleness under conservative dress befitting a physician (which is what her character is).  However, her wardrobe as metahuman Killer Frost is a bit racier.  She's got the type of looks that could be the classic "sexy librarian".  She got engaged this year, so she might get to role-play (lucky guy).

Only occasionally has she shown off her sexier side.  But I found a few examples.  And while searching, I also found a nearly topless scene from Mad Men.  Look around if you want to see that.

This last one is interesting. There are many pictures of her on the red carpet, but this mini-dress one is by far the sexiest. Apparently it was for promotions of the film Piranha 3D. Nice dress, awful movie.

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