Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Evaluation of the Bachelor premiere

My top 5 first impressions were:


Unfortunately, there was more than one Danielle, which I did not notice. Here's who got eliminated:

Briana (who had a dazzling smile)
Jasmine B.
Ida Marie (who was quite fit)
Angela (darn! - good looks can only go so far, I guess)

So four out of five of my first impressions stayed in, including all the Danielles, which includes the one I picked. Whoever she is. (Actually, my pick was Danielle M., not Danielle L.)

Corinne, from the opener and the preview, appears to be the shark in the water. Also the one that goes topless and later on invites herself into Nick's bedroom for some private exploration activity -- or so she apparently hopes.

The two absolute prettiest in the "last 22" are Liz, with whom Nick has a "history" (they copulated), and Kristina.

Am I going to do this every week?  No way.  I usually get interested when they're down to the final 3, in the Fantasy Suite stage.  However, in the preview, one of the prospectives doffs her top in the pool in front of Nick, and Nick has already shown he knows how to handle a pair.  So that might be an episode worth watching.

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