Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Baby news, a bit late

Luminous actress Katherine Heigl had her baby with husband Josh Kelley -- back in December.  The news just made it into the public media.

Katherine Heigl welcomes baby boy with husband Josh Kelley

Now, here's the thing.  In late February 2016, Heigl instagrammed that she and the hubby had a secret project underway.  I wrote up a short mention of this.  And in a subsequent post, when she announced they were pregnant, I suggested that the "secret project" was this procreative effort.

But was it?

Well, if it was, then they either knew they were pregnant really early in the process (not that likely), or they were making the attempt with much vigor (much more likely).  But if she went for a complete gestational span a little longer than the norm, not uncommon for first children, then they might have known with an EPT.    Either way, I'm pretty sure now that the "secret project" was indeed the newborn tyke.   Congrats to them all.

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