Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Seriously, Mitch? Oh, you're serious

Senate Majority Leader and overall back-end-of-horse Mitch McConnell says that the American people won't stand for Democrats blocking a Supreme Court nominee.

This is the SAME GUY that said that the Senate would not consider anybody that President Obama nominated on the DAY that Antonin Scalia died.  That was on February 13, 2016.  And he had the unmitigated GALL to claim that the reason for not doing this was that the country was "in the middle of a Presidential election", invoking the "Biden rule", because Joe Biden said that a Supreme Court nominee shouldn't be confirmed during a Presidential election.

Though pundits went over this many times when it happened, Joe Biden made his speech in late June of an election year -- about four months later than Scalia's death.  McConnell was really stretching it to say that the country was "in the middle" of a Presidential election.  Oh be serious -- we hadn't even heard Donald Trump's dating tips back then.

So, though it is probably futile for them to try, I think the Democrats in the Senate should do everything in their power to block an unsuitable nominee and stall, stall, stall on anybody -- just to roast McConnell's turkey neck.

The "Biden Rule" -- from Politifact

So, Mitch, I say this with the utmost respect for the way you practice politics -- go sit on a broomstick.

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