Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lighthouse of the Week, January 15-21, 2017: Hirtshals, Denmark

I have a pretty unrefined process for choosing the Lighthouse of the Week.  I'll think of a place -- a body of water, a country, a state, a province, etc. -- and then check to see if there are lighthouses there.   I usually choose locations on the coasts of bodies of water, as there are many more lighthouses there than at inland locations far from the water.


But it is a random process.  I'll choose the location, then search for images, and then decide if one of them is interesting or picturesque, and go from there.

In the case of this one, I decided to travel back to Denmark.  I've had a couple of lighthouses before from there, but not "classics" -- one choice was an orange and green pair of lighthouses at the entrance to a harbor, and the other was an abandoned lighthouse in the process of being engulfed by sand dunes.

This one is a classic;  a white tower, situated on a bluff, overlooking Denmark's famed Skaggerak, passage to the Baltic Sea from the North Sea.

This was the picture that caught my eye, a picture of the Hirtshals lighthouse, near the domicile of Hirtshals.  So I decided to feature it this week.

Here's more about it, from a Danish site:

Hirtshals Fyr (Lighthouse)

Gleanings from this site:  the tower is 35 meters high, the bluff is 22 meters above the sea, so the light can be seen 46 km or so out at sea.  Well-situated.

When I looked at the map, I realized that this lighthouse was not far from the lighthouse that's being engulfed by the sand dunes (Rubjerg Knude).   I mapped it, and indeed, they are only 25 km apart.  That would be a nice scenery and lighthouse-photographing trip.

So, by serendipitical choosing, I ended up with this one, which isn't far from one of my previous choices for Lighthouse of the Week from Denmark.

Two more pictures (this one has been photographed numerous times), and a short video.

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