Sunday, January 29, 2012

Epochal tennis at Laver Arena

OK, I'm disappointed for Maria Sharapova - again.  Another 1st-timer denies her the completeness of the comeback.  So now we'll have to see if the mercurial Serena Williams re-establishes her dominance again, or if the next few singles Slams for the women are a game of musical chairs, where about the only good predication I could make is that the last name of the winner will likely end in -a, probably -ova. 

But my God, the Murray-Djokovic semi and the Nadal-Djokovic final were tennis for the ages.  And both times Novak started down the barrel of defeat and refused to wilt.  EVEN though I'm still pulling for Andy Murray to breakthrough the Big 3 and get his first one (Wimbledon would be the best, even if Scotland is making noises about exiting the U.K.), Djokovic was truly amazing to come out on top of both those amazing matches.  Wow.

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