Friday, January 6, 2012

News from the Chinese environmental wars

Drought shrinks China's largest freshwater lake

So the Baiji (the Yangtze river dolphin) is extinct, but the finless porpoise still has a chance. Not much of a chance, though, given the environmental pressure it is facing in China.

Yangtze river dolphins under drought threat  (actually, this is about the finless porpoises, NOT the extinct Baiji)

Public pollution unrest DOES work in China:  Beijing to issue new smog data after online outcry
"China has the world's largest online population, with around half a billion web users,  posing a growing challenge to authorities in a country that tightly controls its media.


But the state-run China Daily has said that if PM2.5 were used as China's main standard,  only 20 percent of Chinese cities would be rated as having satisfactory air quality,  against the current 80 percent."

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