Thursday, January 26, 2012

Maria Sharapova, comeback kid

OK, I thought it was over for Maria when Kvitova broke her in the third game of the third set. But she's a battler -- and after I turned it off in the early morning hours of Thursday, Sharapova broke right back, and finished it off by breaking Kvitova in the final game to take the match. She didn't play great, and will probably need to play better to beat Azarenka in the final.

Beyond her looks, which are obviously appealing (see below) I'm following Maria because she's a comeback story. She could have just packed it in when the shoulder injury happened, and relied on her looks to get her through the rest of her life comfortably. But she didn't. She rehabbed, altered her serve, and got back into top-rank tennis shape -- WHICH ISN'T EASY. Her comeback is already a success, but to truly be complete, to have her not perceived as a short-lived phenom with three Grand Slam titles, she needs at least one more. Kvitova surprised her at Wimbledon, I think -- I hope she's ready for a hungry-for-my-first-one Azarenka. Just like Agassi who fought back from injury and came back and won Slams (including eventually the French, in a come-from-behind win in the final), comeback stories are admirable.

Now, there may be plenty of comeback stories we don't hear about if the players don't win a championship -- and those are admirable too -- but in the case of both Agassi and Sharapova, they could have quit and rested on their accomplishments to that date, and called it a career, and NOT put in the time and effort and sweat equity required to get back to the top. To their credit, they did.

About her looks. I was watching the match and how she prepares for each point, with her back to the court. This allows a full appreciation of her most femininely appealing rump, in a short tennis skirt. And it is VERY appealing. So I did a little searching and found a couple other pictures that are indicative of her bottom beauty. (Due to running and overall fitness, many female athletes have attractive derrieres. Is it any surprise that the long and leggy Maria has one too? I certainly hope not.)

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