Monday, January 23, 2012

I now detest John Boehner as a person, not just as a politician

John Boehner's spineless wimpishness in the face of the childish behavior of the Tea Party caucus has been at turn nauseating, other times repugnant.  But still, for most of the time, I felt that he was a dedicated public servant in a very tough place.  Some of his public pronouncements made me upset, and at other times it was obvious that he was lying, but I still felt that it was the perils of the position he inherited.   I still thought he respected the position he was in.

I no longer do.  His disrespectful parody of the State of the Union address, an important public occasion, pushed me over the edge.  He's a friggin' jerk.  Though I don't know him personally, I don't need to.  I detest the man. 

John Boehner State of the Union spoof

John Boehner:  State of the Union address may be 'pathetic'

Boehner said it sounds to him like "the same old policies" of more spending, taxes and regulations that have hurt the economy.

The Ohio Republican told "Fox News Sunday" that if that's what Obama is going to talk about, then "I think it's pathetic."

In the interview, Boehner also hinted that he may link the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline to the payroll tax cut extension. "Every option is on the table. We are going to do everything we can to try to make sure that this Keystone pipeline is, in fact, approved," he said. When pressed by Chris Wallace on whether he would "link" the pipeline to the payroll tax cut, he replied, "We may. But as I said, all options are on the table."
See what I mean?  How can anyone respect this jerk?

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