Thursday, January 19, 2012

No longer the most dangerous man in America - for now

Okay dokay, I was wrong-ay about Rick Perry.  I thought given the Tea Party momentum that Governor Good Hair was a rock solid lock for the GOP Presidential nomination.  Thank God and Tebow that I was wrong.   He dropped out of the race and endorsed Newt Gingrich.  Which leads me to the two tweets that I'm going to tweet tomorrow, but here's a preview:

#Dem dream scenario: Part 1 - Gingrich wins SC, battles Romney all the way to #GOP convention, forcing Mitt far right, but loses.

#Dem dream scenario: Pt. 2 - Romney runs for POTUS, repudiates positions taken vs. Gingrich, #TeaParty drops him #GOP stay home like '08.

Now, there is one clear scenario that's still possible.  If (and probably when) Romney gets the nomination, he's going to need a Vice Presidential candidate on the ticket.  Caveman Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia has been suggested, and he's got the definitive right wing and evangelical credentials (even a link to Pat Roberts).  Not a bad choice, and he hasn't been seen looking like a fool in recent debates, either.  But Rick Perry also has those credentials.   Having Perry provides the ticket with heavy right wing weight, as well as potentially reassuring the evangelical Christians who I know are going to still have a hard time voting for the heretical Mormon Presidential candidate.  So maybe they will think that with a professing Christian as a VP, there'd at least be a chance for a conversion.  And of course God could then take a hand in matters, as has happened before for Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy.  And in Texas a lot of those guys can hit what they aim at.    Oh yeah, didn't Perry have a hunting ranch?

Food for thought.  If you like indigestion.

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