Sunday, January 15, 2012

I read this tweet, and got REALLY mad

The tweet:

@NatGeoChannel National Geographic
Just announced: Wicked Tuna coming this Spring - high stakes bluefin tuna fishing,  inspired by the characters of The Perfect Storm #tca12

Here's my original note of comment:
Tuna fishing should not be presented as anything other than leading to  extinction.  It should not be glorified and those that do it, even though I know they are hard-working men and women, should not be made into celebrities or heroes.

But still I didn't get it.  The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC channel?  From a magazine that has brought us stunning documentation of the splendors of the eroding natural world and nature treasures of the world?  A magazine that glorified naturalists protecting endangered species?

And then I read this, and got even angrier:

National Geographic Channel, In Race for Bottom, Adds Killing Endangered Species to New Season Entertainment Lineup by Carl Safina
It seems almost like the scenario of a post-apocalyptic surrealist satire, unimaginable just a few years back: National Geographic Channel has been bought out by Fox, is "joint-venturing" with the disgraceful and disgraced Rupert Murdoch, and creating programmes to push Bull O'Reilly's tomes. And, well -- National Geographic Channel will be killing endangered species for entertainment.

They've just announced the new unscripted show: Wicked Tuna.

The first word that comes to mind is:  boycott.  And I will be writing in.  Indignantly.

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YesandWe said...

Thank you for your insightful remarks on "Wicked Tuna". I am furious
about this new show. It is absolutely disgusting.
Yes, a boycott may be in order, but of whom exactly?
Is the National Geographic Society still doing the
great work of the past? If it is, pressure short of a
boycott may end this travesty-tragedy. As to the
majority owners, The News Corporation, I try to
boycott them whenever possible already :) . Whatever
course of action is decided upon it should treat all the
evil doers in an equal and consistent manner.