Thursday, March 26, 2015

A dedicated sonnet

This sonnet was inspired by, and thus is dedicated to, my lovely Twitter fascination and acquaintance, Miss Audrey Nicole.

Here is what inspired it, a very recent post on Instagram.  (It's safe, if bikinis are safe where you live.)

audrey in the mirror

She gives us flashing glimpses and some peeks
at how she lives; the things she deems to show
intrigue invite and can enthrall us; leaks
of dailyness that luminously glow
with her reality, her bracing wit
and sleek physique, amalgamated to
a feminine reflection we'll admit
ignites our fantasies. And though this view
is limited, at times it is a quite
extravagant revealment, and then we
desire her more, which shines a naked light
upon our own introitus. The free
impressions that she makes are so persua-
sive that our captured sight can never stray.

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