Saturday, March 21, 2015

Can we just muzzle McConnell?

I truly can't fathom the level of gall that Senator Mitch McConnell possesses to be able to openly tell states to defy the U.S. Government and to not implement EPA-mandated, Supreme Court-supported rules for carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.

Sadly, though, this is what we have seen from the dour Senator from Kentucky over the past few years.  Non-compliance, defiance, and lack of cooperation.  And meanwhile he talks about wanting the Republicans now in charge of Congress to be able to "govern".

Well, respecting the government that you purport to want to govern would be a GREAT start.

McConnell to states:  EPA climate rule is illegal

"The proposed rule would require states to use various measures, like improving the efficiency of power plants and reducing power demand, to meet individual emissions targets that the EPA calculated for each state. 
But McConnell said the EPA is “overreaching” because it doesn’t have the authority under the Clean Air Act to force states to take most of those actions.
Critics called the advice irresponsible and charged that states that follow it would get implementation plans imposed upon them by the EPA, and those plans could be worse than what the states write."
Here's some recent reaction:

McConnell’s anti-EPA plan: Convince Republicans to welcome big-government climate regulation

"The governors who would be most inclined to fight alongside McConnell are the conservatives who believe that climate change is a giant hoax. McConnell is asking those same small-government conservatives to invite a stronger federal regulatory presence into their states, albeit temporarily. If those same governors are apt to believe that the regulations will eventually be invalidated, as McConnell argues, then it would seem to make more sense to work to minimize their impact up to the point that they’re tossed out. Just yesterday the National Governors Association announced a new program to help the states prepare their plans for complying with the EPA regulations – one of the states leading the program is deep-red Utah."
I'm beyond astonished at the actions of this man. But can one expect better from ideological Republicans?  Probably not.

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