Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lighthouse of the Week, March 8-14, 2014: Greifswalder Oie Light, Germany

I haven't featured a German lighthouse as the Lighthouse of the Week yet.  So this week I do - the impressive brick Greifswalder Oie 2 lighthouse Greifswalder Oie is an island, located in the Pomeranian Bay.  (Wikipedia link: Greifswalder Oie. Click on the location link to see where that is -- generally speaking, it's in the Baltic Sea).

Here's part of the what the UNC Web site has to say about it.

"1855 (station established 1832). Active; focal plane 49 m (161 ft); white flash every 3.8 s. 39 m (128 ft) octagonal brick tower with lantern and double gallery rising from a square 1-story base. Tower is unpainted red brick, lantern and galleries painted black. A magnificent 3-faceted 1st order Fresnel lens 1st order Fresnel lens (1913) is in use. 2-1/2 story square brick keeper's house. ...  A beautiful but rarely visited light station, this is the traditional landfall light for ships approaching Stralsund from the northeast. The lighthouse is located at the northeastern corner of the island, 1.4 km (0.9 m) from the protected harbor at the other southwestern end. Accessible only by boat and hiking the length of the island, about 1.6 km (1 mi)."

For such a handsome lighthouse, there aren't a lot of pictures, which is in part likely due to the fact that the island is a wildlife refuge.   Two shots of it are below.


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