Saturday, March 14, 2015

Good news - Maryland Dems are sensible

New Maryland Republican governor Larry Hogan ran his campaign on a lot of promises.  One of them was to repeal the so-called "rain tax", which is actually a perceptive, long-view piece of legislation that might do the Chesapeake Bay some good.  As Hogan purports to want to do what's good for Maryland (considering he's from here and now he's the governor), he should know that anything good for making the Bay better is good for Maryland.

He paid a lot of lip service to how the rain tax could be repealed and yet the stormwater controls it pays for could still be preserved (which is actually something necessary by law). 

Well, the sensible Democrats who happen to be in control of both houses of the Maryland legislature voted down the repeal idea.

Good news.

Maryland effort to repeal stormwater management fees rejected


"A Maryland Senate committee has voted down an effort by Governor Larry Hogan to repeal stormwater management fees.

The Senate Committee on Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs voted down the bill along with two other bills, which proposed the repeal of the fees.

The House version of Hogan's bill was voted down last week."

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