Friday, March 6, 2015

What more can be said? What more can be SEEN?

A vibrator with a camera redefines the phrase "up close and personal".

And yes, it is possible to find videos acquired by the camera in use for the purpose that is was designed for.

I think the Daily Mail article title is stupid, so I'll just make it simpler.

Look inside where we all came from, and where a lot of men want to get back into

Now, I think, since there are cameras we can swallow that can transmit pictures through our entire digestive process, starting with the lips and ending at ... the other end, and cameras that can show us the interior of a woman's sheath of desire, I think the next step is a miniature camera that can show what's happening inside when there is something else inside there... if you know what I mean.  In other words, live coverage of the lustful linkage, direct from where it's happening.

Inevitable, isn't it?

Oh, and if you want to buy one:
Svakom Gaga camera vibrator at Lovehoney

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